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1 history 2 abilities 2.1 ability absorption 2.2 telepathy(absorbed) 2.3. List of advanced human abilities.

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In dual, peter injected himself with the formula in order to save his brother from a fire.

Heroes peter petrelli abilities. He has also kept all of his mimicked abilities. Peter petrelli is the male protagonist of heroes. Arthur petrelli was an evolved human with the ability to absorb the ability of other evolved humans on contact.

Peter petrelli is the younger son of arthur and angela petrelli, and nathan's brother, and worked as a common hospice nurse caring for charles deveaux while living in new york city. We first met angela doubting peter's claim that he had special abilities. Peter petrelli 's ability replication.

I have read a couple of reviews that claim this season moves along slowly, but if you watch even episodes from season 1. He was one of only two characters who really seemed to enjoy some of his powers, and one of the only characters who actually went searching for. For me, so far, season 4 has started well.

Earlier i saw you with, the uh, suture. He served as the primary antagonist of volume three. He can later recall and use these abilities.

1 abilities 1.1 absorbed secondary abilities 2 family & relationships 3 history 4 etymology in world 11, peter never lost his original ability of empathic mimicry, and so he still copies all abilities he is exposed to. Future peter's facial scar runs from the right side of his forehead to his left cheek: Peter is an evolved human that born with the ability to use the powers of others.

All these people with abilities are gonna destroy the world. Varies immensely depending on when and where he was sent, as his age will be reset to compensate [i.e: But it soon became clear that angela was a key player in the previous generation of heroes.

Peter petrelli | heroes wiki | fandom. In this world, he has regained the ability of empathic mimicry and has mimicked a wide range of abilities. He has the ability to mimic and copy anyone's super powers.

Powers and abilities [edit | edit source] power replication: Petrelli has the ability to copy the abilities of others, although he can only hold one ability at a time, so when he replicates a new ability, he loses the old ability. Arthur petrelli was the husband of angela, the father of nathan, peter, and was a founding member of the company.

Sensitive and compassionate, the character was initially defined by his complex relationship with his older brother, nathan. Later he lost that ability to his father, he used the formula on himself and received the power to replicate powers similiar to his original ability. After watching a couple of the seasons episodes i find that i am once again loving the whole heroes world.

Peter petrelli needs his true ability back! He was an evolved human with the ability to steal other evolved humans' abilities through physical contact. He could use multiple powers at once.

It hasn't been revealed how many he can copy. Peter appeared to his family as a hopeless dreamer, who believed he had a greater place in life than just saving one life at a. At first, peter petrelli had the power of empathic mimicry, meaning he could absorb someone’s power and use it whenever he needed to, collecting them.

Peter is the brother of nathan petrelli. Peter petrelli is an evolved human from heroes. He first demonstrated the ability in dual, where he grabbed and flew nathan from the burning pinehearst facility.

Peter is the younger son ofarthurandangela petrelli, andnathan's brother, and worked as a common hospice nurse. It should have been the greatest time of your life, carrying around the future daughter of peter petrelli, the love of your life. Being with kid naruto makes him start as old as kid naruto when he first showed up in the series].

After he injected himself, he was able to use flight and fly from the exploding building with nathan. Peter petrelli is a canon character roleplayed and adapted for world 11: He is an evolved human who can mimic the abilities of others around him and the younger brother of nathan petrelli and the youngest son of.

Physical and mental age is 19. Peter petrelli is from the nbc series, heroes. He lost that power halfway through the series.

By injecting himself with the genetic modification formula, peter acquired ability replication, which allows him to replicate the abilities of other evolved humans by physically touching them. Abilities are the new weapon of choice. And it should have been a happy, thrilling time of your life, excluding the whole mood swings/cravings/having a huge mound bulging out of your stomach thing, but it wasn’t.

Peter petrelli is a canon character roleplayed and adapted by lowri in world 2:

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