The Craziest Guided Hunt I’ve Ever Ran!! 100 Bird Day

When, when we got birds working and coming, don’t move quiet, just don’t move best thing to do is have your gun across your lap and your muzzle past your foot just like that. So you it’s just like this. When they’re coming get that other hand out there and it’s boom make sure you ain’t going to catch any socks if you’re knock any socks down beside you, just kind of fix them after the shot guns up just hold your gun up, start reloading, we’re going to Be out in front of you so muzzles up until we’re back behind you again um.

If it’s, if I say left side shoot right, side shoot you guys don’t blast over their heads and vice versa, but we’re going to try to shoot everything we can. If it’s flanking us we’re shooting today we ain’t letting it circle back we’re going to try to kill everything I want. I want a hun bird day knock on wood um, just like I said, sit still manage your guns. That’s all you got to do.

Do not shoot out the back unless we tell you, don’t shoot a unless we tell you cuz the dog’s out there, but everything else is normal reload, your guns quickly, that’s it I’m done break. Is that good? That’s good. Did you like it? I, like it dino approved oh yeah, okay, let’s get some coffee they’re eating they’re eating they’re going to eat it all h, they’re going to eat all the food boots minute shoot him over the topn. All right! Good news shoot him one more hold on! No one! More one more good: they make that game a shoot.

The single bowling did you just say I couldn’t feel if I have my safety on, do what shoot him shot him up top shoot that group behind us get him left side left good shot. That did you see how big his fe were. F sho him. I think everybody was.

I saw one that I was aing at, but all a sudden was just feathers. I was like well joh got that one. I i I pulled up by one yeah che shut up. Sorry, I didn’t even see themers right, don’t shoot, don’t f the whole way that was insane.

They flipped the entire way. Here his off got duck right there. Can we please shoot the touch it up hold. Let’s go here: let’s go: let’s go demolishing, no, don’t shoot out the back um.

I think we’re at four or five four or five yeah. Four five dozen come on friend. Hey look for those hybrids, shoot him get him. Nice lay down shoot her that poor girl.

We had to gave her one. Oh you get you a h, bard, oh yeah got them all, got them all some. Do it now shoot him.

Nice, nice white, one sing here come on w. We done wow that was gnarly, that was nuts sh yeah baby hell yeah this sho him out. Oh my god, layback seen that one there’s three basically special birds in this feed, probably more that we couldn’t see, see him he’s all by himself.

Watch him right. There he’s in between him he’s in the oh now he’s in the m. That’s he had a dirt nap bird right side, get him nice good job! Oh big boy, you’re! What’s that tip? Oh, oh so tip of the day when you have a goose’s in your face, close your mouth, so 42° air, let’s see, but I didn’t know what you had. Oh look man, I’m tired, but on cloud n, what a hunt at the beginning of the day morning top of the morning, I told all the boys in the safety speech, I’m like we’re going to kill you guys are all good shooters.

They were all good shooters. We had seven from north carolina. We had two other guys come from east kansas. We had two other guys join today’s hunt from oklahoma, big shout out to lloyd, uh and matt man.

That’s a kansas banging right there, but we hit 100 birds right on the head. We didn’t do all the pile stuff um. It was a long day busy day me and fred. He was ready to get home.

Take his his medicine, get a bite to eat. So was I so hunter right on the right on the head? Uh we found a couple snows we’re at 98 and uh. We found what up we uh clients, new clients just got in uh, so we’re firing up another 3 days back at it. We uh have been producing amazing hunts.

Amazing. Those north carolina boys had three bangers. They had they hit their limit all three days. The first day they had their lesser limit uh by 800 am the second day they had their uh lesser limit by 730 am, and then today you seen that.

So if you guys are interested in come, we have some availability hit and miss uh in the duck. Shack uh in the farmhouse, which is, is the cheapest option um and then in the lodge, especially in january february times so get a hold of me, fill out. The booking form at sill flyscom and I will be getting a hold of you – please serious inquires. Only we are up and running if you’ve been thinking about doing it, you better do it now, because tomorrow’s hunt’s going to be amazing too.

So what a year um? The craziest that’s group three for this year, uh 3day hunts a piece um, and it is by far the best hunting we have ever kicked it off with so loving the crew. Thank you to the crew geral aaron buris, shannon my wife brandon. Thank you all.

Thank you all who have came this year and the years prior. This is insane, but until next time.

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